I need help with battery

Battery Replecment iOS not calibrating

I replaced the battery about two week ago. Have cycled this battery many tines, but I can’t seem to get iOS to calibrate. When the phone dies, it’ll try and reboot on the dead battery. Also the Battery Health feature (iOS 11.3 Beta 4) is saying that my battery health cannot be determined ever since it’s been replaced. So what is going on? I was going to just put the old battery back in to see if iOS would read the health

Update (03/07/2018)

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Did you know how I can fix the problem with the iPhone 6 battery ?


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My guess is that these replacement batteries don't appear to have proper battery information?

Also the reboot issue, probably the cause of an defective battery. Seems to be a common thing with replacement iPhone batteries here.

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Apple tried to pull a fast one:



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I've exactly the very same problem with the batteries on two different iphones with two different iFixit batteries.. The battery seems to behave correctly and coconutbattery shows everything as correct.

I'll contact with iFixit to check what is happening.

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