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Eclipse 180BL is a media player featuring a 1.8' LCD display. This device is made by Mach Speed and is the "180BL Model". To make sure you have this exact model please locate the name of the model on the back of the device. This should be located in the middle, on the back, in white bold letters. The one for this device reads : "Eclipse 180BL 8GB"

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My device will not pop up on my computer

I wanted to put more music on my mp3 player, but when I plugged it in, it didn't show up on my computer. It still said it was charging but the file did not show up on my computer. I tried deleting a bunch of songs to clear up space but that didn't work. How do I fix this?

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Try using a different cable . If that brings no joy then try a different USB port on your computer . You may also want to check the USB port in the device for lint or dirt . If you clean it use a wood toothpick or plastic pick . Don't use metal pics as this can damage the port also be careful not to break the center out of the USB port . Hope this helps

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