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Repair information for the Samsung Xpress SL-C410W/XAA color printer. First available on Amazon in July of 2013. Model number: C410W.

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Imaging Drum reset?

I have the xpress C410W laser printer. I have a model that does not have the resistor clipped into the front of drum unit. I have a plug in board located under cover on front door. I want to reset the drum as it’s in perfect condition, I purchased resistors but have no where to put them. This board that connects to the prongs that make contact with toner cartridges does this contain the resistor for the drum too? And what can I do to reset this drum?

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My imaging unit did not have a resistor either so I twisted the resistor onto the two lowest contacts on the door (where the resister unit should touch if there) and powered the unit for a few minutes and the light went out. I then pulled off the restistor. I have the original imaging unit and mine is a C410W.

That worked for me.

PS. If at first it does not work then leave the resistor on and wait for all the printer to do its fits and stops and the light should go green. Then turn it off and pull off the resistor

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Resistor is located behind two square contacts on the front side of imaging unit (below contacts for every toner).

Look at photos in this review article:


Hope it helps someone.

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