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Second generation of Wi-Fi iPad, released on March 11, 2011. Model number A1395. Repair is difficult and will require heat.

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Is it worth it to replace battery on iPad 2?

DISCLAIMER: I haven't found any simmilar article about this question on this forum.

is it worth it to replace a battery on iPad 2? There are problems with iPhone's batteries that result in forced performance reduction, but i haven't found any confirmation about iPad(s) which should had same batteries.

Can you confirm it?

If that's a case will it solve new battery from ifixit? Won't it just delay same problem?


I'm android/linux/windows user. This device was a gift from family so i don't have experiences with Apple Products.

it was useble and pretty cool at first, but then it got iOS updates and i notice performace drop from IOS 7~NOW. Could it be a problem with just battery? Or should i downgrade/look for cydia solution/Different OS for it too?


Is it worth it to modify this device somehow? Like solder better chip, modify its frame to hold custom batteries, (custom cooling solution), etc.. ?

I want to use this device for graphic design nor project management using custom software.


Thanks for any help! :)

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iPads are not affected by the performance degradation issue that iPhone 6 and higher had with the latest iOS.

The performance will be the same but with longer battery life when you replace the battery.

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Based on @reedcrosby04's answer my iPad 2 is already affected with 18% performance lost and its practically unuseble (slow loading, etc.). I believe that could prove that iPads are affected too since its same battery technology.

Do you still believe that iPad batteries are not affected?


@benjamen50 @kwcze I am not sure if iPads are affected by the throttling like iPhones are, but I never said it was unusable, all I said is that you are getting quite close to the threshold of replacement, 18% in a battery as big as that is quite a lot of mAH

EDIT: On a different note, I thought the iPad 2 went up to iOS 10. I was incorrect. 9.3.5 is the highest version. I believe, but am not sure that the battery throttling existed, but not near the degree it does now.


Sorry if i misswrote it i meant it by my point of view that its unuseble as i mentioned in original post that it cant even run messenger.. (pressing keys has delay and loading takes forever).

So based on your response + my POV + that iPads has same batteries as affected iPhones.

Tested on iOS 9.3.5


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In terms of further usability of an iPad 2, no. It is not worth it to replace the battery on an iPad 2. Apple's last iOS was iOS 9.x on an iPad 2. The forthcoming version is 11.3, or 11.5.

What this means is you will not be able to download and use many new apps coming out for iOS due to the restriction on iOS versions. Most new apps are restricted installing on to iOS 10 or newer.

Furthermore, iOS 9 has a lot of security holes that Apple won't fix (google KRACK vulnerability), especially ones that prevent the Safari browser from being hijacked.

Cydia is a community that is slowly shutting down due to lack of interest. Also, a Jailbreak is actually a security exploit. This means you are allowing someone enter your iPad using a security hole to install software that is written by someone you don't know which does unknown things to your iPad and opens a door to more software that you don't know everything about.

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I'm making fun of iDevice users all the time for Apple's software vulnerability జ్ఞ‌ . But yea thats another problem. :/

Do you think that i could mod it in a way that:

• Install Android 8.1 using hardware chip replacement (since there is no way i could change OS on iPad softwarewise. As far as i know)

• Change its batteries for pinks and modify its case and circuit board for it.

• Replace its CPU chip (and ram possibly).

To make useble tablet of it?

btw. that symbol is not telegu bomb.


For Chip swapping, unfortunately, that won't be possible for now. Until someone cracks the highly guarded iBoot secrets, that is not an option. You do have a working jailbreak for iOS 9. What you can do is find Cydia's Virtualbox (VM program) and download a virtual machine of Android. You can then run a virtual Android on the iPad 2.


iBoot is software based system that is stored on iPad's storage chip is it not?

So if i replace it with a storage chip that it loaded with Android 8.1 it should work (if google has support for iPad's hardware).

Using VM program on iPad that can't even write text in messager in real-time seems like suicide tho.. :/


@kwcze iBoot is highly protected and very proprietary. It must exist even if you wanted to boot Android. It used to be possible to hack it and replace it on the iPhone 4 but Apple got smart.


@avanteguarde Can you be more specific about iBoot? Is it some kind of mechanical system or? I can't imagine software based system that would protect it even after i wipe its memory..


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The extreme battery throttling didn't start until iOS 10.2.1. Use an app like Battery Life and see if your battery has below 80%. Repair is so difficult, I wouldn't recommend replacing anything unless absolutely necessary. Hope that helped, good luck! (If you do decide to replace it, the guide and part are linked below)

iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415 Battery Replacement

iPad 2 Battery

Imagem de iPad 2 Battery


iPad 2 Battery


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Thanks for tip i run it through Battery life and it says that "The device's runtimes are reduced by 18%".

So i will replace it. I've already modify my iPad 2 in a way that i could open it easily without breaking front assembly.. so it shoudn't be a problem to replace. :)

Don't you know how long will new battery last? Or isn't it better to replace with pinks (Samsung 18650 Lithium) ?


@kwcze It should last quite a bit longer. 18% is quite a lot. Replace it with a genuine Apple battery. I'm glad I could hep, let me know if you need more assistance. :-)


There was no performance reduction on the iPads.


@mayer Thanks, I was never sure about that.


@mayer any source? I can surely see performance reduction since i can't even write a sentence in a messenger on it..


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If you want to keep the ipad and it is still being used, i say you should replace it if you regularly use it.

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I don't wanna replace one iDevice for another only to deal with same problem few months later again.. Since i have experience and tools i want to modify it into useble tablet and i'm asking for info that could help me do so + verify battery life throtteling. ^^


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Did you replace your iPad’s battery and did the perfomace get any better?

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