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The Bose Wave Radio AWR1-1W, also known as the Bose Wave Radio I, was released in 1993. A countertop AM/FM radio system with a high performance stereo tuner and two independent alarms.

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Our power went out at home and wave radio will not power up at all?

Wave radio will not power up. Is this an issue that can be resolved?

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Sounds like a power surge my have blown the fuse in it.

open up unit

Look for fuse (should be aroung where the power comes in)

Remove fuse and get a replacement

Reinstall and re assemble unit

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And, make sure plug has been REMOVED from the wall before doing this. :)


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Hi Bo, Before checking the fuse, what type outlet is it plugged into. If it’s a GFI type outlet, see if it may have tripped. You can reset it on the outlet. If it’s a regular outlet, plug something else into it like a small lamp. If no power then check the breaker to see if it tripped, if not then check the fuse as Overdrv said above. I hope you get it back up and running. Please let us know.... Thanks, John

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