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Released by Samsung in March 2016. Model SM-G930.

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My phone is charging weirdly.

About a couple of months ago I noticed that my phone wasn't charging properly, going from charging to not charging frequently. I tried with brothers charger in his room and it worked fine, so i went and bought a new charger for my room. It was fine for a month and then today i noticed that it wasn't charging with the new charger. I tried rebooting my phone and other options but to no avail. It works with chargers downstairs but not in my room. Is this a charger problem or is it my phone? This is the 3rd charger this year so far.

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Have you tried another charging cable?

Sounds like different wall chargers being used but cable hasn't been changed yet for your room.

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I've tried multiple cables but so far they die within a month in my room, i'm buying another one soon, probably from Samsung but i'm not sure how long it'll work for


I'm going to take a guess it's the charging port in your phone making them go bad, but this is only the case if you can tell the charging cable plug is melting or you smell electrical burn / burning plastic when you plug the charger in and unplug it on multiple cables.


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Check if the charger in your room is a good quality charger. Never buy cheap chargers for your phone or anything else. Buy one that Samsung makes.

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