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The JBL Pulse 3 is a Bluetooth speaker with a light show. The JBL Pulse 3 was released in Spring 2017. The model number for the JBL Pulse 3 is JBLPULSE3BLKAM.

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Its work on my phone but not in the app

So this is the problem my jbl pulse 3 connet and pair with my iphone but it doesn’t pair with jbl app

Jbl app says there is no speakers

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So there's anyone who has solved this problem, bluetooh works perfect with my phone and pulse 3, but ive never manage to make the app jbl connect to find the speaker...


Mine connects to my phone's bt, but she's down after a few minutes if playing music, after downloading jbls app and seeing my pulse on my Bluetooth in the phones settings as connected, the dumb app (that apparently I need to update my firmware) just keeps looking as if it's Dory from Nemo! I don't know how to help you, but I doubt I'll ever but JBL again.


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Not sure if this is a fix for this issue or just a coincidence, but if I activate Connect + button on my Pulse 3 the app seemed to actually find it. I'm hoping that it is what has been making it work, because the JBL Connect app really seems to suck at detecting speakers, and my experience with this detection issue is across 2 different phones and with a Pulse 2, Charge 3, Xtreme and the Pulse 3. My phones were both Androids, so I hope that this works on your iPhone.

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