My phone is on but the screen is not working, even though my alarm is?

My P9 lite just turned off while in my pocket (with apps still running) and when I tried to turn it back on it vibrates as if turning, on but nothing appears on the screen.

My morning alarm still works so I know the motherboard is still functioning. I know the phone is also still charger because when it is plugged in, the charge light is on.

One or twice I have attempted to turn it on and the pin entry page showed for 1 second then disappeared. The start up Huawei page also showed once very briefly.

Now my snoozed alarm goes off every 15 minutes and I can't press stop, only snooze with the volume button.

Is this problem fixable? Or will I have to get a new phone altogether?

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I've tried holding the power button and low volume button as other forums have suggested, unfortunately that hasn't worked.


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