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Replace watertight seal after screen replacement?

Is it possible to retain water resistance on iPhone 8 after opening it up to replace cracked screen? Is the adhesive replaceable?

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You can replace the seal, clear off the old adhesive with solvent and bamboo toothpick, then align and apply new one. Use firm pressure to make sure they stick well.

However you cannot make sure it will be watertight because you replaced the screen, an external part. Apple don’t sell these assemblies as official repair kits, how are you going to make sure that your new screen is properly assembled in the first place and is watertight yourself?

So don’t even try unless the screen is original and you are only replacing internal parts like batteries or rear cameras.

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I'm not sure we have a good handle on how Apple is applying the gasketing adhesive to regain the same level of waterproofing.

I would say the act of opening the phone reduces its tightness no matter how you try to reseal it at the end of the repair.

Even Apple does not warranty the waterproofness after you get a phone serviced (read the paperwork you get from a repair).

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Yes the adhesive is easily replaced go have a look around the ifixit shop I think they may have it, if not eBay or if in the States shop jimmy or ipad rehab shop are worth a look.

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