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Bluetooth problems and connectivity issues

For a while now I’ve been having issues with my Bluetooth. When I connect it with my AirPods to listen to music the connection seems to deteriorate after a few mins and I find that I have to hold my phone not less than 2 feet away from my AirPods or the connection drops but if I bring it back close to my AirPods then whatever I was listening to recommences.

I also find that the Bluetooth connection is stronger when in the house. I have contacted Apple who have suggested a few things to try such as reset all settings .

I hope someone can help

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Anyone help?


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Hey, is your gps acting out aswell?

Like 90% of my customers with your issue is the F-Antennas fault. Replace that part and your phone is working again.

Wifi/bluetooth and GPS is "controlled" by the F-antenna

iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable

Imagem de iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable


iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable


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Thanks for your answer. I have not noticed any issues with my GPS but I may go ahead and replace the F antenna?


Is you wifi acting up aswell or only bluetooth?


Haven’t noticed any problems with my WiFi either. Except for the fact that my Bluetooth is better when I’m indoors which means I’m connected to WiFi also


Thank you for the F antena answer. I have noticed both gps and Bluetooth problems . Bluetooth works only if my phone is next to the device , 1 foot away and it’s gone. Also my gps points the wrong direction and does not travel in the map as I move. I will try to replace the antena and update this answer after of it worked


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Replaced F-antenna and it solved two problems: first, bluetooth range was killin me, but it also extended wifi. Took about 90 minutes and the screws are mm small, fractions of an inch, but ifixit kills it as always.

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