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The ASUS K50IJ is a portable laptop with a 15.6" display. It was released in 2009 and is powered by Windows Vista.

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Windows 10 won't power or boot after Spyware on Microsoft Edge & Updat

Hello, let me first say I am 34 years old and very computer savvy using Windows for 30 years now and used to do network.

I'm not that much a geek these days tho and I'm not familiar with Windows 10.

I have a brand newly refirb leptop, Asus k5oij with Windows 10. Clean install.

First time online at home network with all firewalls and protections off. I live 20 miles from the next person and use my phone hotspot and that's how I like it when im home, simple and clean. Please refrain from opinions on this, I have logical reasons I cannot share.

So I go to the library and connect, and forget about my lack of security. Someone starts streaming to device, and also gets all of my info via an updated and unprotected Microsoft Edge. I got spyware.

I power down and go home. I power up and restart in order to attempt to revert system to previous state as in other versions of Windows.

Windows 10 updates install upon boot and I restart again. I hit f2, f8 & f12 trying to go into setup, not remembering which it is, and doing this experiment anytime I forgot my whole life. Also not accepting opinions on this, it's just what happened.

Then my hard drive suddenly shuts off in one click, about 10 seconds after the little window pane in Windows 10 bootup, and now the laptop will not even power up. It won't even register the power cable plugged in to charge battery.

The battery was nearly dead.

This could have been so many issues, but I can narrow down some options for certain logic to start. The power cable has been tested.

The spyware and hack was real and came up via windows, was not a fake.

I did hit those keys while it was booting and that seems to have caused the shutdown, but it feels like it was a compound issue.

Nevertheless, how do I fix this? I have no idea how to flash a bios. If I work this lappy hard drive into an external case, how can i get it to boot and fix this?

Only high tech confident relevant answers please and thank you from a terninally Ill cancer patient just trying to make a website to sell jewelry and survive.

I need my laptop to work. Thanks.


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Hi @jessiematheny ,

Can you start the laptop with the battery removed and the charger plugged into the laptop and switched on?


The laptop will not even register the power led, even with the battery removed and the cable plugged in.



Try a power reset.

Remove the battery and disconnect the charger. Then press and hold the laptop's power button for 15-20 seconds to drain any residual power from the laptop.

Once this is done, reconnect and switch on the charger, then see if the laptop turns on. (leave the battery out at this stage)

If it still doesn't turn on, you said that you have a brand new refurbished unit. Is it still covered by any warranty or guarantee at all? If it is contact whoever you got it from and request a warranty (or guarantee) repair or replacement.


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Windows 10 goes into Safe Mode differently than the older versions of Windows. If Windows 10 has problems starting it will show a screen saying "Automatic Repair" followed by "Running Diagnostics" then reboots. After it reboots it will give an option for Advance Options, where you can try using Restore or Reset. It sounds like the OS is too corrupted to do this much.

First, shut the laptop down by pressing the power button and hold until the laptop completely shuts down. Then press and hold F2 and press power, continue to press F2 until the BIOS screen display. If the computer can do this much then the next step is to format or use diskpart to clean the hard drive and then reinstall Windows 10. If you are not able to get into BIOS then you should contact ASUS or a local shop for warranty repair.

If you do not have a Windows 10 installation media, you can download it from Microsoft downloads.

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There is a very useful tool that you can download by the antivirus/ anti malware company ESET. It's completely free, and all you would need is a free USB drive, and another free computer to use temporarily.

The tool is called ESET SysRescue Live. It's a live linux based virus, anti malware, spyware, adware tool that you boot into instead of your windows installation (I'll leave the link below). The tool boots into a linux based desktop environment and allows you to clean your hard disk of any type of viral issue you are having. Even when you can't boot into your main drive. I think it will be incredibly helpful in your situation, as the website makes it easy to show you how to install it! I hope it does you well, I've used it for many PC's I've fixed with great results!


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