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Lançado em junho de 2012, modelo A1278. Processador Intel com Turbo Boost, até 512 MB DDR5 de RAM vídeo

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Screen + 3 beeps problem!

Hello all !

So this has happened a few time now, 3-4 to be exact !

Mac book is on and working as usual and then lines appear on the screen everywhere, and it shuts down. Then if I turn it on again I get the beeps x 3.

Now I know this can be a Ram problem, and have already removed ram bars and switched them around powered up and it works all ok. But it keeps happening after a couple of days it dies again !

Before I buy new ram, I want to know if it could be any other problem? Or piece inside that is fried or something !

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Really! Problem?


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The three beeps has historically been a RAM issue. However, recently I have seen three 2011-2012 machines where it is not and is the logic board. To test use just one stick of RAM and remove the other. Try it in one slot and then the other slot. On each try take a look at the system configuration and see if it is reading correctly. Do this with the other stick. This will check both the sticks and the slots. Let us know your results. As it is, it look like a GPU issue.

Let's also ask @danj if he has run into this.


@clarkclark The only solution I have found on the GPU issue is a logic board replacement. Due to the cost of the part, I have sent two into Apple requesting a "Flat Rate" depot repair. My total cost for this in Texas is $357. For that they will fix any and all problems if the machine has not received liquid damage or incurred a major impact. Total time for this is four days including the first call day. I call 1-800-MYAPPLE and request it, give them a credit card. Next morning there is an overnight FedEx box on my door step. I box it up and take it to FedEx. one day there, one day to repair and one day to send it back. It's a sweet deal.

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Yes from what I can see it seems to be a fault that is starting to appear mpre and more on the older mbp.

Thanks for the Ram suggestion. I will try this tomorrow, to be sure the system is power down and off power for a while !

If it is the gpu? Then it will have to be full replacement of main board, is that right?


@mayer so I have done what you recommended, switching Ram bars over and testing individual bars through system check.

But both Ram bars and slots appear to be working, the problem is most probably down to the gpu then.

But could it be that the ram is failing when "under load"... possible over working? I doubt there is any way of testing this?

Thanks for all the info and help! I will be going to store this afternoon to get a quote for repairing!


I use Micromat's "Atomic" to test RAM:


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Hey everyone, after having this problem, i found out the problem might not be the soldering at all. read on...

I have a MBP 15" early 2011, had the logic board replaced in the apple program for the video chip, after that, i started to get kernel errors once in a while, all was pointing to RAM, but could never actually find a defective stick and tried many, after a while of seating and reseating the sticks and a fresh install os the macOs it stopped for almost a year with no problems i thought i was done; only to begin crashing, powering off and beeping this week.

i've been reading forums about this problem and after watching this video

I'm having exactly the same problem as this.

So I took it apart again, and what did i find... apparently, as i said, and for everyones happines it migh not be the soldering at all!!

It seem the CLIPS that hold the stick closest to the keyboard are worn and do not have enough pressure so they do not hold the ram in place all the time, a little bump and the RAM stick springs up like half a milimeter and the problem appears.

What did i do? Got a 1.5mm (.60 cal) piece of flat styrene about 3mm wide and 7 or 8 mm tall, put BOTH RAM sticks in place and with a little plastic tip/spudger push down the stick closest to the keyboard so the clip can make its full travel inward and insert the styrene pieces one in each side in the slots between the clip and where the screws for the bracket are and then push them towards the RAM contacts to make pressure inward so the clips are pressed firmly against the sticks (you wont be able to remove the sticks without removing this styrene pieces).

Block Image

I did this, the MBP started with no problems, i can now shake it and won't freeze and/or beep at all.

I'll try to make a video or at least a photo guide showing what i mean and post the link (it will be my first YT video so be nice hahaha) so it shows the fault and fix clearly.

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Amazing! This worked! for me as well.

Thank you so much!

How on earth did you figure this out? It seemed to be seated fine with me beforehand. (obviously I was wrong.)


This worked for my 2011 MBP also. lower seat is loose == three beeps! tightened it up, and we're all good!


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It seems as the ram is bad and the only reason it will work for a few days is because it gets reseeded removing all power from it so it could also be a heat issue or maybe it’s shorting out after a while. I would by the new ram because the only thing that would do that would be the rams or the ram sockets that hold them down.

If you have any questions or concerns please comment below. Thank you.

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Yes. As you say I have also seen problems on other sites and videos saying that it could be the Ram sockets. But that is a BIG fix needing to replace the mother/logic board ! Is there any way I can test myself or get the Ram sockets tested? ...

I dont really have the money for a new pc but equally this mbp is now 4+ years old and if I spend money on it only for it to start crashing again then I am just loosing money !

Any ideas?

Much appreciated :)


I would take it to a local repair shop and have them test it. Other than that I think Mayer has got the question right but so have I so good luck and give my answer a thumbs up. Thank you


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