The drum filled with water after use.

I have a Whirlpool Duet front loading machine, and the drum filled with water after use. I turned the water off at the wall and ran it through a drain and spin cycle. All the water emptied and, because it was still shut off at the wall, it did not refill over the next few days. Based on what i researched, I suspected it was the water fill valve. I replaced it last night and ran a load with success. I kept the washer lid off so I could inspect for any leaks or other issues. There were none. I woke up (disappointed) to more water in the drum. Will the CLR fix clean the lines from the water fill valve to the drum? Curious if I should try this step or if the issue may be more invasive and require a repairman. I'm fairly handy (the fill valve was easy) but don't want to have to go as far as removing a drum or multiple hoses and connections.

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@auburnspacegirl if you replaced the water inlet valve, CLR will not make a difference. The valve is the part that is responsible for cutting the water supply off. No matter how much build-up you would have in the lines. Do you have a multimeter with which to check your valves? Those are really just simple solenoids and you may have some issues coming from the controller. What exact model number is your washer? Any issue arose when you switched the inlet valves?


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