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An Android OS tablet that is capable of taking photos and videos, navigating the web, and downloading applications for users to enjoy while using the tablet. Model Number : T7X

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You tube has stopped

Every time I turn on my daughters tablet I get a messege that says" unfortunately you tube has stopped" the only thing it will let me do it hit "ok" and then a half a sec later it will pop up again. I can't get it to go away and to top it off. You tube is not even installed on the tablet

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Have you tried booting into safe mode to see if this issue persists? You can do this by pressing and holding the power button until the onscreen prompt appears, and then pressing and holding "power off"/"shut down"/"OK" or something similar, until another prompt appears asking to boot into safe mode


Hi! Sorry for jumping into the middle of the conversation, but I'm having the same problem and have tried EVERYTHING... nothing works! I'm literally blocked out of my tablet!


I'm having the same problem &I can't even reboot it


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How to solve this issue.

#1 Boot the tablet into safe mode. Push the power button for a few seconds until the power off and reset screen appears. Then press the "power off" button for 5 seconds it with then prompt you to restart in safe mode. I still had the same pop up in safe mode, however.

#2 Go to the google play store app and go to the youtube application using the search bar. Once you have it on your screen click on "enable". It should solve your issue.

Be mindful that you will have to be quick about tapping the "ok" button on the popup screen for the error while doing all of this. Have a little patients you are about to fix your issue.

Hope this helps.

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I've tried these suggestions several times already... they DON'T work!!! That's why I'm here looking for help!! I haven't been able to use this unit since JANUARY of 2018... it's nearly August... I'm beyond frustrated with this!! PLEASE HELP!!!

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