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Released in October, 2015. Identified by Model Number GL752VW-DH74.

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Fan noise and low fps in game


I have this problem for over a month... my laptop randomly starts Windows Media Player after like 1 minute I open it and my fan starts to make this loud noise like an airplane... Thats not the only problem, I also got low fps in games, at least League of Legends, it drops to 20 fps.. I didn't do anything.. from one day it just started acting like this for no reason... I opened it, it's nothing related to hardware.. I seriously don't have any idea. Can you help me?

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Looks like it is auto playing something, is there a dvd or cd in your dvd/cd drive. You can try to free up some space on your laptop with Ccleaner and after that defragging the hard disk. Also where are you having your laptop? If its on a bad conductive place it will have a big struggle with dissipating the heat and automaticly throttle your cpu/gpu

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I reinstalled my windows, and I also have a cooler... I changed my thermal paste and still the same result.. I also used Ccleaner and there is no difference


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