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This guide will enable you to be able to repair any issue with your PowerBeats3 Wireless Earphones

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My Powerbeats 3 won't turn on

The red light is on when I am charging but no matter how long I charge the beats they will not turn on.

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My Powerbeat 3s light turns on only when I hold the volume button . Nothing happens with the power button . And when I release the volume button the headphones turn off . So I can’t connect them . The also blink red and white .


My power beats 3 wont turn on. I’ve tried changing the cable and resisting them but they won’t turn, the light won’t come on either. When I go to charge them they go white then red.


Hi, I have the same issue. Can you please tell me what are the options I have?


Got a solution or not ? Coz im having the same


when I charge my headphones they start blinking red then start blinking red and white


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This is most probably a dead battery. At least it was the case in mine. I had tried resetting the headset, charging with different chargers, as soon as I unplugged it it turned off and never turned on. Also, when being plugged in, the led was blinking white and red 3 times.

It seems these earphones are not very resistant to water or even sweat. And when it enters inside, water shorts the battery, leaving it dead.

Good news is that it's possible to replace the battery, if you can buy one. The battery reference is AHB481221PR as described at Joe's. You can also find some on eBay, it seems the Bose bluetooth headsets are using the same battery. And Youtube will provide you with instructions on how to replace that battery.

And this iFixit guide repairing Powerbeats² is actually the same procedure.

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Hold the power and volume down button for 10 seconds….once it starts blinking red and white it's ready to be paired again to a device….you should always use its charger that came with it also, as much as

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Won’t turn on so can’t reset, repair or anything. Red light when plugged in to charge. Hours later light is white and still won’t turn on. What’s odd is these headphones briefly worked for about 2 days before this.


Same here but mines work minuets before


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Mine wont even reset. They work the way theyre supposed to, but only when i leave them plugged in. Unplugged they dont do a thing

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really sounds like a battery issue. replace the battery.


OMG have you seen how to replace the battery ? I M P O S S I B L E !!!! I think I’m just going to buy a new pair.


@danielsarseneault I have replaced the battery, it's not THAT bad, have you soldered anything before?

Unfortunately replacing the battery did not fix my issue.


My beats on 1 side works why


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