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The Kia Optima is a mid-size car produced by Kia Motors beginning in 2000 and marketed globally with various names. Firsts-generation cars (2001-2005) were generally sold as the Optima, though the name Kia Magentis was used in Europe and Canada when sales in those regions began in 2002.

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Shift solenoid A location

I got the code p0750 after driving and the car slipped down to 3rd gear. It wouldn't shift back to 2nd or 4th until I turned it off and started it back up. It says Shift solenoid A, and I am wondering where on the transmission it is located and how to replace it.

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It will either be inside or on the side of the transmission.

First thing to do is clear the code and drive it again and see if the code comes back on. If not yay... not really. If it does (or doesn't) then get yourself some new Transmission fluid, and a filter kit that should have the gasket in it.

Drain the old fluid, drop the transmission pan, then inspect pan for debris. Metal is generally not a good sign.

Unbolt the old filter, bolt on new filter. Remove old gasket, gently clean gasket surfaces using wood or plastic. put on the new gasket, replace pan. Do up bolts and torque down.

Refill trans with correct amount of fluid. Erase code and drive. If your code goes away, yay, good this time. If not, it is time to physically check the solenoid.

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Also check here for more information


Okau thanks I'll be sure to do that and let you know how it goes


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