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The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2nd Gen is the second generation of Lenovo's X1 series ultrabook.

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No backlight with blown fuse under lvds connector

Good day

i have thinkpad x1 gen2 with black screen, i can see faint image with torch and external display works fine, i disassemble it and saw a blown fuse under lvds connector on main-board, i replaced it with same fuse and it blown right away after single test, there is an 8pin IC next to the fuse which i believe to be for black-light or something which is not good i think, i want to replace it but i can not read its number so i can order it, will someone help me identify this IC,


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I found Fuse 1 blown replaced it .

the Fuse is on the opposite side of the motherboard where the screen connector to motherboard is , it is covered in sticky protective plastic.

unfortunately to me the laptop stopped powering on something else has happened to it that I could not fined yet.

Power starts green light flashes then the fan starts then power off follows


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On my X1 carbon gen3 it says F:2B on that IC.

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Thanks alot Jarlvik, Yes it is F:2B but just cannot find it anywhere on internet. Greets


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