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The Kenmore Model Number 970-678431 is an inductive cook-top range with single door oven and warming-drawer.

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How to find one to fix a failed induction stove for me?

It's a big 4 heating area induction stove made by (not sure) but out of warranty. Now, one of the stoves fails to work and I would like to fix it. I have totally zero experience with this type of issue, thus I would like to ask, how can I find help for that, say what keyword I should use to google or look up local phone book? what's the most economic and trustworthy way to have it fixed, calling a company or finding an independent contractor or a third option? Thanks

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Look up repairmen on for your area. The reviews from customers will point you in the right direction.

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Thanks for your help, too few choices there, also yelp does not seem to be user friendly.


@bsmile I am not sure what you mean by not user friendly? I uploaded a photo of what you should put in. The arrows show you what I put in and the results I got. You just need to change Carmichael, CA to your location.

You actually do need to call the results for quotes on pricing. Its not psychic.


Thanks, what I mean by not user friendly is when I click into the text box to revise my input, it does not allow me to do so, that's so lack of testing if not due to firefox. Your illustration really helps. So I do need to input more than repairman then, I will definitely give it a try. Also, can you comment on, looks quite professional, but not much choices there neither


I've not really tried, but it has the backing of "Better Homes and Garden" magazine, which is a very respected publication in the industry. Both look to have user reviews, so I think you can also research there as well. If all else fails, go to Home Depot or Lowes, and see who they contract. As a warning though, their contractors usually are more expensive.


Thank you, you are very considerate. From your response I can feel the places you introduced will price reasonably to average household.


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