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Why does my replacement touchscreen not work?

I have replaced my screen, metal back plate and home button. The phone works and the screen is able to display stuff however the touchscreen does not work. Am i missing something or would this indicate that I received a faulty screen?

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Every time i've either had or seen it happen its been plugged in improperly. So I would say check the plug before getting new screen.


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Make sure you have it plugged in right. And test you lcd and screen first so you know that your new one works before you put back together. Everytime its happened to me it was plugged in improperly.

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Double check all the screen connections carefully. If they are properly connected and you still don't have any touch functionality, send the screen back to where you bought it from and get it exchanged for another.

If the replacement screen does the same thing, it could be a defect with the actual connection on the logic board which the screen connects to.

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