This 'SHIELD Pro' Android TV console by Nvidia is a slightly enhanced version to the 'SHIELD' console released for sale on May 28th, 2015. It contains mostly the same internal hardwares as the original 'SHIELD' console with a much higher storage capacity of 500GB as compared to the 16GB of the standard 'SHIELD' device.

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Is there a replacement power adaptor?

So these proprietary adaptors are proving incredibly hard to find and replace without directly contacting NVIDIA themselves, who granted replace them for free but is there any way of purchasing one or does anyone know where there is one available?

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You can obtain the Shield TV power adapter using several ways below:

If you lost it, then buy replacement from ebay

Or if you still have the existing Shield power adapter, then buy any replacement power adapter that supply same output of 19V 2.1A like the original Nvidia adapter. I got one from AliExpress. Cut and Splice the proprietary nvidia connector and connect with the replacement adapter. It's that simple! Check out Youtube video shows you how to connect wires together. Soldering is optional.


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It looks like you will need to contact nvidia support. Here is a link to their online chat sessions.

Nvidia Customer Chat

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