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The Digiland DL801W 8 inch windows tablet comes with an Intel quad-core processor, 16 GB of storage, and 2 built-in cameras. With the device, you can search the web, video chat, take pictures, check the weather, and listen to music.

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How do I keep my Digiland DL8600 screen from going to sleep so quickly

How do I keep my Digiland DL8600 screen from going to sleep so quickly

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There should be a screen timeout setting in settings. You could set it to a longer timeout.

Update (01/09/2018)

Apparently my answer never posted, thanks iFixit, but in the "Settings" App, find "Display" and there should be a drop down menu for "Screen Timeout" and this will give you the option of 1-10 minutes, and never. Select the one you like best, and hit "Okay" to save it. I hope this will help you.

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I cannot find any reference to timeout in settings. It seems like I've looked everywhere in settings.


Okay, let me check up on that for you


Any where else I can look?


Did you have any luck finding out a solution for me?


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