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A home audio speaker for iPod by Bowers and Wilkins introduced in 2007.

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Zeppelin speaker not working. Won’t turn on or show any power

I have a bowers and Wilkins zeppelin. The led doesn’t come on and it shows no indication of power or audio. The lead is fine as it works with another speaker. I have opened it and noticed some discolouration around one of the ceramic disk capacitors could this be the issue? Everything else looks fine.


Update (01/07/2018)

Block Image

Could this be the issue?

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Same problem , just find out today ! Appreciate someone gives a solution for it


Same problem too. Asked B&W who just said it would cost £80 to fix and you have to expect such faults in electrical equipment : but this is the second time the power unit has malfunctioned on this Zeppelin in 8 years!


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I have a failed zeppelin also.

That capacitor doesn't look too bad.

On mine, the onboard fuse is blown, and at least 3 of the rectifier diodes.

If you have a multimeter check the diodes for short circuit.

There is a bank of for of them on one edge of the board, and another on un the underside of the board covered in heat paste.

Still workling through what else might have gone...

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SOP for all repairs: do we have power. My Air has just done the same as these others. My original Zeppelin is just fine.


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Can u please tell how to open zeppelin as I have same problem.

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You should check this : https://www.abcelectronique.com/forum/sh...

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