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The Jawbone MINI JAMBOX is a small, portable, bluetooth capable speaker delivering quality sound in a small package.

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Why did Jawbone drop support for jambox? How to change voice profile?

How do I change the voice profile if they don't support updater any more?

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They went out of business! Which is why you won't get any support from them.

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Just curious why you would say this instead of actually researching the answer and figuring out how to do it. Just seems like so many "chosen solutions" are starting to look like the apple support site where the people with the most rep points give cookie cutter answers. No disrespect because I'm sure you didn't get all those points for answers like this but I'm really wanting to understand what is going on in the forum world. Again no disrespect.


@iheartmacs - I can't change the reality of business ... Jawbone, out of business, leaves customers hanging


Well put. I guess it is what it is.


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You can try updating the firmware yourself to change the voice, but you run the risk of bricking your Jambox if something goes wrong. FW updates here:

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