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Gaming laptop released in 2014 with an Nvidia 860M graphics card and a 15.6" display. Updated in 2015 with 960M graphics.

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Dog peed on my laptop and now the screen won’t turn on and other stuff

Hi guys.

As the title says my dog peed on my laptop. My laptop would turn on but the screen wouldn’t. After my dog did that I took out the back and cleaned out the battery as well as my SSD card that I’ve had replaced for the Hard drive with a wet cloth as well as cleaning wipes to clean out the urine. I’m not too confident on taking it apart since I do not have the manual anymore. I’m unsure what to do next.

When I would plug it in to charge the battery light would turn orange and blink every couple of seconds. I’m thinking the battery may have a blown out fuse or the screen may have malfunctioned. But I wanna do everything I can before I would send it in to a business that could potentially fix it.

Any help or advice is appreciated!!!

Thank you!

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my cat peed on my chrome book and it turns on but the screen is black and everything is fine but the screen is black


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There are a few disassembly guides both here and elsewhere on the web and it looks straightforward. You need to clean the motherboard, especially all the connectors, with isopropyl alcohol - a damp cloth isn't a good idea. But normally it's fairly important to disconnect the battery as soon as possible after water ingress as as it can cause electrolytic corrosion and allow current to flow where it shouldn't. Hopefully the battery should be ok but any moisture in the screen connector will stop the screen working. The keyboard may be the hardest part to clean.

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my cat peed on my chrome book for school and i need help fixing it


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