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These white headphones are equipped with a remote and mic, and come with Apple's music players and iPhone. They are also sold separately. Released on September 9, 2008.

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Left side way lower than Right side

Hey all. I have an iPhone 7 and all of the suddenly the left side of the earbud is lower than the right. I already checked the accessibility and everything, but it's not the settings. I've tested it on another Apple product and it's still the same. Any way to make it work normally or am I just out of luck?

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Take it to the apple store. There should be a warranty, and they likely can simply exchange them for you. It sounds like a manufacture defect.

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Do you use a laptop or desktop? if you use one of them, go the audio setting, you just need to find the option that can adjust the right ear and left ear earphone or headphone. If this option doesn't work, you have wire problem. Can't answer that yet


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