px22 amplifier component burn out

a 5 lead sot-23 component that is positioned in the center of the PCB of the px22 amplifier has burn-out due to overcharging

On both sides of the PCB this 5 lead component can be found.

The description on the component is R9G5 (not burned out), and a description that looks like R9BT for the burned out component.

I have seen other amplifiers and the description of the components differ. R91V/R91W is a combination, R905 I also found.

I would like to now what kind of component this is.

Update (18.12.2017)

Hereby 3 pictures.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

The red squares show the component of interest.

On the side of the turing wheels the component is burned out. I added a more detailed picture of that image.

Hope somebody can shed some light on what these components are and whether it makes sense to replace them

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If you could post close-up photos that might help.


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