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The Nikon D60 is a 10.2-megapixel Nikon F-mount digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera released in January 2008. The D60 is the successor to the entry-level Nikon D40x.

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Pictures all look like they were taken at night (even broad daylight)

So, I think I set up something wrong because this is the second time I am answering this???

Hi, I was wondering why this manual was not available. My camera works; but the photos all come out like they were taken at night even in broad daylight. Just started doing that one day (a few years ago) Would love to fix it...

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Hi Brian Russell

Good Day, some things you can try,

Had you tried resetting to factory defaults?

wanna check if there is any available firmware for your model, but there is no firmware release from official nikon website.

Try out and let us know.

It would be great if you can share the photo of it here for us for a look :)

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Could be several things...which means you have to methodically work through each possible scenario.

Obviously you have tried resetting the camera to over ride any settings hat may be causing the issue to start with...which brings you to the next set of diagnostic scenarios.

A ) does the problem repeat itself when you try iauto as opposed to programmed setting...if yes..then it is likely to be aperture related if it's the lens. the next step is to try using a different lens...or no lens at need to go into menu and set ..shoot with out lens...then take a picture indoors at a low light source..if the image is still points to the sensor....try putting the ISO up to 3200 and check if it is still dark...sensors on nikons don't usually could be a ribbon connector has dislodged due to an unwarranted knock....on no account try taking a picture in extreme sunlight with the lens...this can damage the sensor....

Going back to the other possibility...lens aperture mechs can fail without warning and just produce dark pictures at all speeds and apertures.It is possible to overhaul these but usually the aperture mech needs replacing.

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That should be without a lens in extreme light can possibly damage a sensor.


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