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How to get my iPhone to DFU mode - please help me


I hope you can help me, because i tried almost everything i could find in google, here what happened by order :

1 - I was getting searching, so i though it would be fixed if i update.

2 - I updated it from 10.3.2 to 10.3.3 .

3 - In the middle of the updating process, iTunes displayed an error.

4 - iPhone switched to recovery mode automatically.

5 - [pc] iTunes detected my phone and i tried to update it, failed.

6 - iTunes no more recognize it.

7 - Tried a macbook and it recognized it finally, but it failed to update, and no more recognize it again.

8 - I downloaded ReiBoot, my iPhone was recognized, i tried to remove recovery mode, it did.

9 - Now, when i turn on iPhone, it displays the logo for 5/7 seconds turns off, and keep doing this each time i press the power button.

Looking forward for your help !

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Hold the home button while the iPhone is plugged into the computer, then turn on the iPhone but keep holding the home button.

It should go onto the recovery mode screen. Select restore from iTunes or 3Utools.

Looks like firmware is bricked and needs to be restored, not updated.

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To boot into Restore Mode: power off the device, hold the home and power as if you are doing a restart, but do not release the buttons until the iTunes logo displayed. Your device is now in Recovery Mode. Good luck!

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Thank you for the quick answer, i tried that before, doesn't work, here is a video of me doing what you suggested https://streamable.com/f0apz


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Coonect your device to the PC and then lanuch 3uTools, then see what mode is your device in.

If it is in DFU mode or recovery mode, try to use Easy Flash to restore your iPhone.

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