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The Amazon Fire HD 8 (5th Generation) is a sleek, black tablet released by Amazon in September 2015. Model Number: SG98EG.

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Replaced battery but screen wont work

I followed your guide to replace the battery on my Kindle Fire HD 8. The "reverse order" wasn't clear but with some research I thought I put everything in the correct place, including the orange strip that attaches to the screen. But the screen will not turn on. The tablet makes noises for notifications, charging and changing the volume, but the screen will not turn on.

Are there any suggestions or more detailed fix it guides that you can give me?

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Is there a way to know if there is damage to it? I’ve tried it again and again, extremely carefully. It seems to fit and I have closed the mechanism to lock it in but the screen refuses to turn on :(


i have this issue only that my screen will turn on but wont respond to touch


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The orange strip you mention is the display cable. It's just like the cable that connects a desktop to a monitor, only much smaller. On mobile devices these ribbon cables can be a real PITA to reconnect. It's possible that when you reconnected the cable it didn't fully re-seat. It may have looked fine but all those little copper pins may not be contacting properly in the socket.

I would recommend opening it back up and attempt to re-seat that cable again. I would pull it out and reconnect it. Many of those ribbon cables have retention mechanisms, so make sure you got it. Also be careful, little ribbon cables can be very delicate.

You may want to get some additional help if you don't feel comfortable doing it.

Good luck.

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