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Hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft. Released November 2017.

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PCB board touch controller

Is there a replacement part for the PCB board on the back of the screen? It wasn't included with a replacement screen I ordered & I do not see it available anywhere online.


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For anyone else the board can be removed from the rear of the original screen and simply transferred to the new one. The best way to attach it is to fasten the two screen cables from the new screen first and then use a good VHB tape to position the board without stressing the cables. then attach the two mB connectors, test and ensure all functions are working normally before resealing the screen to the main assembly.

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May I ask how did you remove it from the original screen? It seems quite solid. Thanks in advance.


I found the answer to my question in this video and it worked!


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You can find them on EBay. Look for: Microsoft Surface Book 1703 Touch Screen Connector Board. They’re going for about $26.00 w/shipping and tax. Good luck!

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