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Released February 2015, the Samsung Galaxy A7 operates on Android OS, features a Super AMOLED screen and an octa-core processor.

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Charger/USB port has moisture!

I used my phone while i was at the beach. I was confident to use my phone because i was told that it was waterproof but then some notification pop up sayong, "Moisture has been detected in your charger/USB port. Make sure that it is completely dry before charging your device. Drying the port may take some time." However it had been a day and half but still the notification hasn't disappear. What can i do with this?

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A few days ago, I had same problem with Samsung S8. When the phone was turned off, and I connected to the charger, a message appeared on the screen about moisture in the charging port.

I checked the charging port and I found some black dirt inside. I used tooth brush to clean but it did not reach the bottom of the charging port. Then I used a PCB cleaner ESD brush. It is stronger then a normal tooth brush, and it reached the bottom. After 5 minutes cleaning the problem solved. Sometimes I had to use a thin pointed tweezer to reach all the dirt on the bottom. The dirt was some black sticky material. That caused the moisture message.

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