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A tablet released in September of 2015 by Amazon featuring a 7 inch multi-touch screen display. Model Number: SV98LN

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My Kindle wont turn on

So, basically what is happening is, my kindle refuses to turn on. I have tried doing the hard reset stuff, charging it, etc. When I power it up it says Amazon and the proceeds to sit on the "Fire" screen. If i happen to get lucky enough that it turns on, within 40 seconds the screen freezes and i cant do anything except hard reset it again. This has been going on for about 24 hours now and ive tried just about everything i can think of. there are absolutely no repair shops around and this kindle is te only way that i am able to contact anyone, help would be uch appriciated.

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  • need to install ADB drivers
  • Boot into recovery: Hold Volume Down button & Power button at the same time

Carefully read this thread/post:

Post here if you are successful.

May be your battery is OLD? Try changing it. Remove your microSD card. Try a few things. or you can actually install a clean non-amazon spy-free open source software by complete unlocking. Then you have only a minimal apps - no crapware. See below:

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