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The Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station is a wireless router first introduced in 2003.

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Missing Power Supply Solutions

Replacement power supplies for this base station are hard to find and expensive and it requires 5.1VDC @ 2.4A, which is tough to find as well. Add to that, I don't know the size of the connector (from the PS to the AEBS) and I'm wondering two things:

1) what connector does it use?

2) Is it OK to substitute values that are slightly different without harming the base station? For instance, it's much easier to find 5 volts than 5.1 — 2.5 amps seems more common than 2.4, too.

Would it be possible to use, say, 5 volts at just 2 amps? What about 3 amps?

I just don't know enough about electricity to say.

What does the world out there advise?

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I realize I forgot to make it clear that my question concerns an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station — the "round" version that preceded the current square one.

From what I can tell, these two models use different power supplies.

I've also been told that the critical value to match is the voltage. Amps can exceed 2.4, as long as its at least that much. That makes it much easier.

Also, the polarity must be the same.


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Check out this blog post. It would be a similar solution for your device if you wanted to complete it this way.

As for the power requirements, I'd say a variation that small (difference in voltage = .1 V and difference in current = .1 A) wouldn't hurt anything. You always want to use a power supply that has a current rating equal to or higher than the current requirement of the device to avoid saturating and possibly overheating the supply, but like I said - 100 mA really isn't much of a difference even if your supply is rated 100 mA below the requirements. Those are peak or maximum draw ratings that a device normally does not draw under normal operation. When a supply is rated at 3A, it means that it CAN safely supply 3A if necessary, but would work just fine at any current below that.

Supplying an over/under voltage of .1 V wouldn't do any damage, as variations in components in the stock supply and the actual voltage that comes into the wall sockets across the US would produce similar differences in supply voltage to the circuitry.

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I've never been able to find these power supplies, nor have I found anyone that repairs them. Consider taking some pictures of the board and sending it to Jim Warholic and see if he can recommend the correct replacement parts. Please let us know the results so a repair guide can be created. Thanks so much.

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I don't have a camera or else I would take that picture. However, pictures along with tons of information about this and every other Airport Base Station can be found at

I'll send this to you directly, too.



The <> site is fantastic and confirms what I suspected about the base station and that was the substandard capacitors used. If you direct Warholic to the site, he'll probably know exactly what to use and where to get it.


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