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High performance tablet computer released by Apple on November 11, 2015. Model A1584.

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Are the screens the same?

Im wondering if the 1st gen 2015 iPad pro 12.9 LCD/Digitizer will work on the 2nd gen 2017 iPad pro 12.9. Can I swap the screens between these two devices?

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No, they most definitely do not

Update (02/01/2018)

where i work, we are sourcing one from china

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where do we get the new screens? can't find them anywhere


Are they good quality



The ones we source are good quality yes, sorry about the late reply I lost my details.


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I know that it that the 1st gen screen is now the same but I'm not sure if they have the same connecter. I think they do but they might not be compatible.

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The first and second generation screens have different connectors.


It would be interesting to find out if the screens are interchangeable by swapping the daughterboard. The 2nd gen has higher nits, but is might be function of the backlight and not the LCD itself. Finally, the 2nd gen has a higher refresh rate which might be related to the LCD itself.


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