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The iRobot Roomba 560, an automated vacuum cleaner, was released in 2009.

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Roomba 560 Charging Problems

My Roomba 560 stopped charging. Instead the Clean button flashes orange every 2 seconds or so, with a clicking sound. After researching, I bought a new battery online and installed it. It then powered on fine but when I put it on the charging station, it flashed red stating "Charging Error 1." It then reverted to the orange flashing Clean button accompanied by the clicks. I checked and the battery is seated properly. It's also the same whether plugged in directly or in the charging station.

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Try resetting the roomba’s software using the spot and dock buttons. Did you try plugging the roomba in directly via the charging port? Make sure that the charging contacts, home base contacts, and battery contacts are not dirty. If they are, use a clean, damp, and lint- free cloth to wipe them off. If that doesn't help, replace both the charger and the home base. If ALL of these fail, contact iRobot customer support as it is most likely a motherboard issue.

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