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A digital camera designed and manufactured by Sony in 2012. A 18.2 megapixel camera with Wi-Fi, GPS, and a memory card slot.

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Every picture has spots - on the lens? On the sensor? How to fix it?

There are 5 fuzzy spots on everything . They are not on the outside of the lens, and they are not on the LCD screen . How can I tell where to go to clean them? And then, how do I get there?

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J’avais des poussières, qui se voyaient quand le zoom était à fond orienté vers une surface claire. J’ai utilisé un aspirateur et un bout de carton, enroulé en forme de cone, pour prendre toute la partie de l’objectif, et j’ai aspiré. Toutes les poussières sont parties (sans démontage…). Si ça peut aider. Je sais que je ne suis pas le seul concerné, loin de là !!!

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I have several of this same model and it seems dust gets in within a year or less no matter how carefully I try to keep them in a pouch when using them. For me, the black specks are dust on the CCD. Here are two links I found useful in opening the back cover, getting to the CCD and cleaning it. A problem I’m not able to address is dust inside the lens assembly. Apparently the only solution I’ve seen is to replace the lens assembly.

iFixit instruction for opening the camera

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V Outer Case Replacement

and the YouTube video for a different model but the last few minutes are applicable for cleaning the CCD

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