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The Apple Watch Series 1 is a revamp of the original Apple Watch, announced September 7, 2016. Most of the parts are the same as the Series 2

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My glass open but still working

i have apple watch its sundly open the glass

but still working and battery good

i try to push on screen to fix but still open

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Apple has been repairing for free Apple Watches which the display has come loose. I would strongly recommend you visit an Apple Store or Apple authorized service center.

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@danj its already out of warranty


Not to worry! Apple has an extended warranty for this issue.


how its possible in web site coming

Repairs and Service Coverage: Expired


The Apple web site is Correct! Your Standard AppleCare warranty which you get when you bought your watch has expired, If you had bought the AppleCare + extended warranty you would have the added coverage of that.

But! This is beyond the coverage of your standard or plus Apple Care warranty.

Apple offers exceptions to this we call it 'Extended Warranty' when a defect is found. This is what we are going for here. Apple Watch Series 1 warranty extended so you can get a free repair


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