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Repair information for the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Duos. Model Number: SM-J320F/DS

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Screen is blank and will not show anything

I droppes my phone and the screen ia completly blank i can hear my messages and my phone ringing but nothing is showing up? How do i fix this

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The screen is broken or disconnected. You can fix this by opening your phone and checking the connections and if they are fine then you will have to purchase a new screen.Galaxy J3 (2016) Screen You can fix this yourself after watching tutorials or I fix phones and you can send it to me to fix for £50. I recommend you fix this yourself as shops will probably charge a lot more and you probably wont trust sending your phone out.

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Galaxy J3 (2016) Screen


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Thank you Haris but I live in Greece and the phone will take a bunch of time to arrive


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