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An in-car GPS manufactured in 2012 by Garmin.

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My 3590LM has intermittent contact when I put it in the mount.

Apparently there is a contacting Problem with the 10-pos. connector between the device and the Mount.

The power connection is intermittent as well as the connection to the speaker inside the mount.

This Results in no Sound at all, Since the device-internal speaker apparently is Turned off, when the the device is put in the Mount.

Does anybody have the Same Problem and/Or know the Signal Descriptions/Pin designations of this connector?

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If you are referring to this part:

Block Image

It can be found on Ebay for about $30USD.

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Thank you for the quick response.

This is most likely the correct solution, but doesn't help me right now.

I am leaving for a trip of about 1500 km today, from Tarragona in Spain to Stuttgart/Germany with Stops in several French towns.

Yesterday I opened the mount and found out that it contains an electronics board.

I cleaned the contacts, using a toothpick and aftershave.

It seems to bring an improvement, at least it charges and the lady talks to me again.

Hope it lasts until I'm home and can buy a new part.

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Great! please mark this question answered then. Thanks!


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Well, the improvement by cleaning did not last very long.

I endet up, connecting the device to an alternative USB-supply instead of using the mount.

Before I spend money buying a new mount, I'm still trying to find out whether the problem lies in the mount or in the device.

Maybe I'll find somebody, who has the same unit, but still working.

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i have the same problem with the wife’s 3590, but mounting my 3590 in her bracket has no problems.

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