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The Oculus Touch controllers released in December 2016. Models TO-R and TO-L.

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Will Oculus touch work without the Rift CV1?

I think I have a valid question I'd like answered from an intelligent individual that has some real insight into my question.

Will the Oculus Touch work without the Oculus Rift CV1?

Again I'd appreciate an intelligent answer from someone who actually knows. Not a sarcastic fan boy with no real tech background. Thanks

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touch syncs with the headset so no

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The touch controllers run off of a nRF51822 bluetooth + processor chip. By default, the touch controllers will not work without the headset, as the nRF chip is programmed to either A: use a non-bluetooth connection protocol, making it not even remotely show up on any bluetooth pairing menus, or B: the chip is software locked (similar to their Rift Sensors) to broadcast themselves to other devices saying “I am not a usable device, please ignore me“. Of course, this is only speculation as to exactly why it does not work, as Nordic Semiconductor’s page for the nRF chip (linked here) is pretty much the only information available at this time.

That being said, however, Nordic Semiconductor provides SDKs and Toolkits for their nRF chips (in order to program them). I am currently trying to attempt to reprogram the nRF chip to send data over a regular bluetooth connection, allowing it to potentially be used for other purposes that would require sleek, ergonomic, and wireless controllers (motion tracking still would not work in oculus’ software). Personally, I plan on using them as controllers for a different VR headset, because these touch controllers really are quite an amazing quality device (especially for the price). I will post edits here with any updates or extra information as it comes along.

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