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Samsung NP-R580-JBB2 laptop computer with 500 GB hard drive and 15.6" display released in October 2010.

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Upgrade Ram memory for my Samsung Laptop NP R530.

Because my laptop is slow, sluggish I would like to Upgrade the Ram memory. For my SAMSUNG Laptop NP R 530 the processor is a Pentium (R) Dual Core CPU / T. 4400 2.20 GHZ 2.20 GHZ / Installed RAM is 4.00 GB and the system type of my laptop is 32 bit/op syst. x 64 based processor. I will appreciate your advise : can my laptop be upgraded to 8.00 GB installed RAM ?



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No point in upgrading the RAM unless Windows is upgraded to 64bit version.

32bit version is only able to access aporoximately 3.5GB of RAM.


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Yes, your laptop can be upgraded to 8Gb RAM, however you can only have two 4Gb DIMMs and not a single 8Gb. So you will need two 4GB DDR3 1066MHz, 204 pin SO-DIMM RAM sticks.

If the OS you are using is 32bit, you will need to upgrade it to a 64bit OS, otherwise your 8Gb won't be detected.

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Thank you Alex so much for your quick and kind answer.

If I need to upgrade to 64 bits I would not know the steps into the 64 bits upgrade. Is something I can do without too much knowledge in computers ? I hope I will not be asking too much in a single day !!!

All the very best,



Hi, I'm looking into upgrading the memory in my r530 as well I would love to know whether the upgrade worked out as expected @fersan182.


Hi Julian, It works but do you have a 64bit version of Windows on your laptop?


I'm running ubuntu x64 right now. ;)


Que tal buenas, tengo el mismo equipo r530/730 y tengo ya 64bits y quiero ponerle los 8gb( actualmente tengo 6gb) cual pudiera ser la memoria que le pudiera poner, tengo una memoria extra Samsung 4 GB 1rx8pc3l-12800s, me funcionaria esta memoria?


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