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An Android smartphone produced by Huawei, released in April 2015.

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My Phone Does Not Turn On - Mi Telefono no Enciende

Hi, a few days ago I dropped my phone and then it did not turn on, now when I put it to load it shows the huawei logo and it goes off, sometimes it shows the battery charging but it does not turn on.

Hola, hace unos días dejé caer mi teléfono y luego no encendió, ahora cuando lo pondo a cargar muestra el logo de huawei y se apaga, aveces muestra la bateria cargando pero no enciende

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Thanks Scott! I will Do it


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there are a few likely situations here.

luckily, if it is showing the logo, we can rule out screen failure.

likely from your discription, there is either an issue with your battery, charge port, or mainboard level components. the expense will vary depending on which of these it is. it is near impossible to tell without a proper diagnosis, but you can do trial and error. Try replacing the batter, if that doesnt work, try the charge port, if that doesnt work, its a mainboard failure.

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