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The Ear Force PX22 is a headset designed to provide the user with sound from games, music or movies as well as allow them to communicate through various chat programs. The headset was released by Turtle Beach in September of 2013.

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Replaced broken wire but mic does not work.

My old cat chewed up the audio cable from the headset itself and bit through the wire. I found a 5 wire cable and bought some replacement 3.5mm TRRS jacks and replaced the whole wire and jack with them. The sound works perfectly fine but when i try to test the mic, it doesn't pick up anything. I wired everything up in the way its supposed to be wired up. Ideas anyone?

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Clearly, your cat considers that the cat food you provide isn't of sufficient quality ;-)

If you can disassemble the headset you can use a testmeter to check for continuity from the mic itself (or close) right through to the jack and hopefully narrow down the fault. The multi-stranded wire used in headphones is tricky to solder and it's easy to get a tiny solder bridge, or one strand touching where it shouldn't, or it could even be a faulty jack. Also, check there aren't any shorts between any of the T, R, R and S - in fact, try that first! Or maybe the cat chewed somewhere else you didn't notice.

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