My tablet ghost touches when I apply pressure to the sides of glass

Hello, I replaced the LCD/digitizer of my tablet and now it has ghost touch problems. It will send touch input in a specific area near the top of screen below where the LCD ends when I hold it on my palm in a specific way, or it will ghost touch very crazily in an almost grid pattern in 5 or 7 spots in the middle of the screen when I apply some pressure to the bezel where the digitizer/glass is but the LCD isn't. If it starts touching on its own, I can apply pressure to the bezel which will cause it to go crazt in the center of the screen, but once I stop pressing, it stops pressing on its own. The LCD was taken directly out of another ME302C tablet for sure, because it still had the adhesive on it from when it was taken out. The digitizer is supposed to be OEM, looks new, and has the ASUS logo, but it has a grid pattern of tiny dots on it which the old one did not so I am not too sure. Otherwise it looks legitimate. The digitizer worked perfectly as far as I could tell when I tested it before installing it, but it was not in the frame, just resting on top of it when I tested it, and it had a protective plastic sticker on the back too. Before I installed the digitizer, I used a microfiber cloth for glasses and some distilled water to clean the side of the digitzer underneath. After installing lcd and digitizer I noted LCD was slightly lower than it should be but not by much, but the border of the LCD with the adhesive on it is slightly visible under the glass. I've tried reseating the ribbon cable, which did not help, and I used electrical tape to tape the ribbon cable to the metal frame of the tablet and LCD cable, but to no avail. I lost the original gray colored tape that held the digitizer ribbon cable to the frame and LCD cable, which I presume is electrical cable. Can you give me any help? Tape is bottom left of the photo here

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