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The B6 and B7 versions of the Volkswagen Passat are front-engine large family cars produced by Volkswagen, a German automaker. The B6 line of the Passat was produced between 2005 and 2010, and the B7 line was produced between 2010 and 2015 as a facelift of the B6 line.

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Key fob stuck in ignition

Just replaced the battery in my key fob. I got into my car with the normal key, put the fob in the ignition and now it won't come out. Evidently I need to reprogram, but how can I get the key fob out?

Update (10/20/2017)

I realized my car battery was the issue. It was flatlined.

Left headlight was staying on even with key out.

So that seems to be the main issue.

I was able to get the key fob out after jumping the car.

So just trying to find a solution now for the headlight issue.

May disconnect headlight for now so it doesn't continue to drain battery.

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this worked for me omg thank you so much


Glad it worked, pass it along...


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Push on brake and hit button forgear shifter a couple of times.

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Yes, I had tried this already but it had not worked for me.

I had seen a video showing that.

It would have been great!



It worked for me. Thank you!!


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Its answer is pretty simple.

Move your car backward and forward again.

Make sure your handle face front. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR WHEN YOUR WHEEL IS TURNED.

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I was programming my remote key fob now the fob is stuck in the ignition


I was programming my key fob and now the fob is stuck in the ignition I can’t get it out


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Is there a battery in the fob?

If the five won’t come out of the ignition?

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