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Repair guides and support for the Nikon D800 and D800E digital SLR cameras announced in February 2012.

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How to replace the CF and SD card slot?

one of the cf card pins is bent, and i want to remove the reader to straighten the pin.

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I'm also looking for instructions on how to replace CF slot. Did you find any tutorials online?


would anyone know how i would go about replacing the SD slot on a D810?


Does anyone have any photos when changing memory card slot d800.

I got a memory card out the camera and now the camera thinks my memory card is locked even though there is no card there.

Because the card broke and a small piece of plastic was left there.

Or something Is warped inside. Because the camera does not recognize the memory card anymore


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My SD card was OK... but the CF pins were bent inside the camera.....I manufactured my own tool from a small round skewer, like you use for Olives in a Martini... I was able to straighten the pin(s) and then I also had to fix the female slots in the Card(s) by reaming them out and removing any anomalies that might catch and bend the pins again. So far so good. Be very careful with the pins.. if you snap on off... then I suggest sending the camera to authorized Nikon repair facility.

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Thanks for reply, I will do that as my pins in CF slot were bent too. Its really hard access but I will try to make a tool. If all else fails I will probably do the disassembly and replace the whole part if I can get my hands on a spare one - they really hard to buy in UK. Thanks again for quick reply.


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(This is ONLY a preview…)

Due to COVID, I ended up doing a significant repair on our non-D800 Nikon body. Now I have the confidence to handle replacing the CF card carrier.

I have NOT yet done it, but will ASAP:

  • Am getting confirmation of the exact part needed. I believe the parts cost is under US$40.
  • Will order the part…
  • Then do the repair and take pictures of the process for you and others

(If this is urgent for you, I can give updates along the way.)

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Have pictures of the CF slot repair proces?


I could use those pictures too. Thx!


Advise please how to open/detach/replace the SD slot of Nikon D800


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take a look at this:

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