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The fifth-generation Volkswagen Jetta was introduced in January 2005.

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What would cause my gas gauge to not show the exact fuel in the car?

One Day my fuel gauge on the dash started messing up it would show up empty when car was full the gauge reader is off , Do you have any idea what it could be ?

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@babygirl1981could be a bad gauge, failed instrument cluster or a bad sending unit. What year is your Jetta and what have you checked? Has the fuel gauge started to work again or is it still on E?


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Stacey @babygirl1981 If your car happens to be a diesel the tracers in the fuel level track are likely gunked up and need to be cleaned or you can replace the sender unit . Over time the tracers which pick up the resistance at different spots( to show fuel levels )on the track, will start to get layered with impurities or additive to the diesel. you can clean the tracks with alcohol wipes . Don't clean them by scraping the contaminants off as this can change the resistance and throw of the fuel gauge readings . The sender unit without the fuel pump are not too expensive so I would replace it . The fuel tank door is located under the rear right seat .

If your car is gas then replace the sender unit as the track will probably be corroded from ethanol added to the fuel. This happens if you car sits on empty a lot and the tracers are exposed to air.

This is a handy video to watch to show sender removal .Hope this helps

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