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Support for gas-powered and electric golf carts, sometimes referred to as golf cars or club cars after the Club Car Golf Cart brand.

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Where can I buy Columbia ParCar Golf Cart Parts online?

Looking to buy columbia parcar parts online for my golf cart in arizona

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I really don’t think it is fair or honest for a selling dealer to ask a question pretending to be Joe Public then answer it himself. It would be as bad as marking up the list price a percentage higher then the manufacturer suggests then showing a slash through it like it’s a big savings knowing the sale is still sometimes double or more the actual list price .


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You can find all the Columbia Parcar Parts at:

I have a 2010 Columbia and have been able to get everything I need from them. Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much! Cart Pros had exactly what I was looking for!


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Apparently here

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All they have our old parts. I have a 2006 Columbia ParCar and these parts do not apply.


Ooohk there's this. But it seems like selection could be limited?


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im looking for a 57226-01 rack for a 96 eaglke par car golf cart does anyone have an idea where i can find it ?

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