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The Huawei P8 Lite is an Android phone, released in January of 2017. Model numbers: PRA-TL10, PRA-TL20, PRA-LA1, PRA-LX1, PRA-LX2, TAG-L21, PRA-AL00X, TAG-L32, PRA-LX3, PRA-AL00.

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Huawei p8 lite 2017 touch screen not working

A friend asked me if i could repair his p8 lite 2017 and bought a brand new display+frame (broken glass, touch screen perfectly working)

The touch screen worked before the repair, now nothing even with a brand new part

The old screen doesn't work either now so i think it's a software issue of some sort

Cables are clean and perfectly fitted

Anyone had the same issue?

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I have the same problem, some solution?


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Lcd new but touch no work i changing 3 lcd all same y?

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your phone seems to have a broken screen output ribbon, which means that it can’t output feedback on touch, but it still turns on.

The only thing you can do is replace the screen.

Did your phone fall some time?

Does it have a dent or scratch on the side of the screen or near it?

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I had tested this issue by changing the mother board and it works. My touch is working perfectly on new mother board but not working wirh old mother board. Its not a cable issue or a lcd gouch screen issue.

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